Gale after gale….

It has been a windy week with 4 gales in 8 days. And it is not over yet!

But as we have time, we have been sailing the other 4 days. From Läsö we sailed to Grenå and later on to Ballen on Samsö.

Today we arrived in Nyborg on Fyn. It was 8 degrees Celcius and the fourth gale was starting to blow.

We are a little bit embarrassed over the Danish flag that have been suffering in the high winds. But we will get a new one as soon as we find a store that is open.

The marina had two more sailboats. Both HR.


1 thought on “Gale after gale….

  1. Helen Scott

    Fun to follow you along. Funny you mentioned the Denmark flag, because that was the first thing I noticed. It was in bad shape for sure.
    We had high winds here last night, but it’s been great and in the 80’s. Stay safe and have fun.
    Hopefully you have your stash of wine on board.


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