Arquipelago de Ciés

This is one of 4 national park islands that require a anchoring permit. Start the process EARLY as it can be a lesson in patience and perseverance.   You must list the dates you wish to visit.

Unfortunately we were unable to obtain our permit before Hans and Iris had to leave and it is a pity they did not get to experience this.     For us this was the highlight. Wonderful trails for hiking, the smell of the pine trees and 3 very nice anchorages (that we know about).

We met the Swedish couple Donja and Mogens on their way around the world in a Grinde named “Jen”.

We have returned to the islands many times and our Spanish friend Miguel spent the weekend and he had never seen this area by boat so it was a lot of fun to show him part of his country.

After taking Miguel to Vigo so he could return to Barcelona,  we are now in Baiona again.    Roland and I were here in 2001 when we were delivering a HR 62 to the south of France. What a big difference from then to now, not only in the typical building explosion, but in the personality of the town.  It was a bit sleepy when we were here but not today. Another Marina was added in addition to the well known  Monte Real Club de Yates. We are anchored in the Bay and see sandy beaches in three directions.

In summary,  we have enjoyed our time on the west coast of Spain very much.    The area reminds us of Sweden except the weather, which  is much warmer!    Tomorrow we depart early for Portugal.

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