39000 feet with Norwegian

Vickie and I are enroute to Gran Canaria with Norwegian Airlines. A low price air line with service and a friendly attitude. Quite refreshing! Free Internet is one example.

I did this flight one year ago when I was heading to Gran Canaria to participate in the ARC.

This year I’m not sailing in the ARC. Instead we are going to Puerto Mogan and wish our friends, Greta & Ove good sailing on their crossing to Cuba.

Greta & Ove have many crossings under their belt and have alot of experience. They circumnavigated in their HR 45, Mayflower before they upgraded to a Hallberg-Rassy 46 also named Mayflower.

They have already been cruising South America and South Africa in the HR 46. I think they have lost count of how many Atlantic crossings they have made.

Also on the plane, Bertil, who is the service manager from Hallberg-Rassy. He is going to Las Palmas for service to the Hallberg-Rassys that are participating in the ARC. A free service for all Hallberg-Rassy that are sailing in the ARC.

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