Drilling machine on the boat

Drilling machine is one of the tools I consider necessary on a boat if you are doing extended cruising.

On a boat you want a short machine as you are working in narrow places.  All the machines I owned  was too long.

There are not that many short machines on the market. I could only find two manufacturers, Makita and AEG.

As the AEG BS12C was on sale  when I walked in to the hardware store, it became my choice.

It is a strong machine that offers a lot of torque.  As the machine is quite small, you need a strong wrist to hold it if you are using maximum torque.

One of the first serious test was when I used it to drill a 10 mm hole, in 4 mm stainless steel. I had to move the anchor roller to accommodate the new Rocna anchor.

It was tough test and I thought this might be the end for the machine, but it survived and did not show any signs of abuse.

If you have problems coming up with an answer when your partner asks what you want for Christmas, this might be a good idea!


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