Installation of a Rocna 33 kg on a Hallberg-Rassy 43

I made some modifications to the rollers in the steamhead fitting, in order to accommodate the Rocna anchor. It would have worked with the standard rollers if I could accept that the anchor was resting in a small angle.

Bow roller:

The forward roller was replaced with the HR 39-42F roller. This bow roller has a grove for the 8 mm chain, and guides the chain much better than the original roller.

The aft roller was replaced with a custom-made Delrin roller (diameter 50mm),  installed a little bit lower and aft of the original roller.

This requires that you drill a new hole for the pin. In order to make it easier to drill, I used a 10 mm pin for the aft roller. (There is no load on that roller) Stainless is not easy to drill in. I suggest you buy 3-4 new drills and cutting paste. It is a matter of time. Do not go to fast as that destroys the drill.

Make sure the anchor rest on the roller before you start drilling.


For this job you need to bring the bowsprit to a workshop that works with stainless steel.

Our original bowsprit for the gennaker had to be shortened in order to avoid a conflict with the anchor. Also the fitting on the bowsprit with the pin had to be moved aft.

Finally I had to drill a new hole in the port side of the steamhead fitting, following the same procedure as described above.

HR43-Rocna 1 HR43-Rocna 2 HR43-Rocna 3 HR43-Rocna 4 HR43-Rocna 5



8 thoughts on “Installation of a Rocna 33 kg on a Hallberg-Rassy 43

  1. David Bowes

    Thank you for posting the images of your Rocna. Do you feel the anchor is the correct size/weight for your HR43. I have HR48 and would be interested as I am considering the Rocna 40. Thanks Dave Bowes david.bowes(at)

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi David, We are very happy with the size of the anchor. It is one size bigger than what Rocna recommends for this size boat. But as Steve Dashew once said “when all the people in the marina laugh about the size of your anchor, then it’s probably big enough”
      I think a Rocna 40 could be just right for the Hallberg-Rassy 48, provided it fits in the anchor roller.

    2. Kim Graven-Nielsen

      Hi David did you succeed with fitting a rocna 40 to your HR48? I am trying the same, but am not sure if the anchor roller system is providing enough support?

  2. Jay Huber

    Hi Roland:

    It’s a great solution you detail for incorporating the Rocna on Bella Luna.

    I’d like to switch over to the Rocna 40 on Present Moment, our HR46. The problem I see is that the stem fitting does not extend forward of the bow as does yours on the HR43, and also that the bow roller placement is higher. As a consequence, the tip of the Rocna is too close to the stainless bow protector and the roll bar is against the bow pulpit.

    A possilbe solution would be an extension that would allow the placement of a new bow roller extending 4-6 inches forward of the bow, and perhaps the addition of an aft roller such as you incorporated. Would be great if HR parts would fabricate such a component and make this solution available off the shelf to HR46 owners who are interested in switching to the Rocna.


    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Jay,

      I think you should try to avoid the rollbar. Spade, Ultra or Vulcan are good alternatives.
      They are all good anchors and would most probably save you from lot of work.

  3. john hess

    hello Vickie and Roland,

    i have a HR43 MkI “Indefatigable” for which i just received a HR bowsprit from Martin at HR Parts. one challenge is that the bowsprit did not come with mounting instructions for the stainless steel deck plate which secures the inboard end of the bowsprit. i have a question i am hoping you would be able to answer: how is the stainless steel plate physically mounted to the deck? i assuming through bolts into the anchor locker?

    fwiw, Indefatigable had a Rocna 33 at the bow, as well. to accommodate the HR bowsprit i now have a Lewmar Delta 32kg at the bow and moved Rocna to the stern.




      1. john hess

        hi Roland,

        thanks for confirming the attachment of the bow sprit deck plate! i have the bow sprit in place and am now sorting the deck hardware for rigging the spinnkaker. which leads me to ask a related question: what deck hardware and line management (clutch, cam cleat) do you have on Bella Lunca for leading the spinnaker tack line back to the cockpit and allow for adjustment under load? and, do you like the setup for managing the tack line?




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