Books are heavy on the airplane,  and take a lot of space on the boat.  The solution is E-books.

Vickie has been reading a lot on her Kindle. She is very happy with it, as she can download new books from the Amazon bookstore. The disadvantage with Kindle is that not many books are available in Swedish.

I prefer to read my books in my own language. As a result  I have been forced to carry heavy books on the plane. Some weeks ago I read an article about the E-Book service that the libraries in Sweden was offering.

Next day I was in the library signing up for a library card.  In order to get a Swedish library card, you need to be resident in Sweden.

With the access code you are able to borrow two books/week.  As the books are published in EPUB format you need an EPUB compatible E-book reader, and an Internet connection when you download the book to your device.  One book is quite small and does not require much bandwidth.

Vickie picked up a NOOK E-book reader for me when she was in the US.  NOOK is compatible with the EPUB format. (Kindle is not) NOOK is sold by the US-based bookstore, Barnes & Noble.  Unfortunately I can not buy books from BN as they require an US credit card and an US address in order to be accepted as a customer in their On-Line store! This is not a an issue for me, but might be good to know if you want to be able to buy books on-line.

There are many other E-Books readers that are EPUB compatible. Sony, IPAD etc.

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