A normal Day in Cruising life

Yesterday was the celebrations of the revolution.  We worked on the boat and could hear some sirens around twelve a clock.  Anything more we did not see or hear.

Today we had one of those days when we needed to accomplish some loose ends.

First we had to find the Budget car rental location.    I first tried the Budget web page, then the Argus Car rental web page. 20 Euro less than on Budget’s website for the same car! Had to ask the guy why it is cheaper with an agent involved. He was friendly and said that is normal,  if you would have walked in here it would have been  double…..  Lesson learned always shop around. Internet is a fantastic market place.

Then we drove to Radio Holland, in Lisbon to get the battery on the EPIRB changed. We had an appointment scheduled.  There had been some problems getting a replacement battery.  When we arrived they were smiling and said sorry, sorry emergency on a big ship, please come back in the afternoon or Monday.  We agreed to return in the afternoon.

This is why we rented a car! Instead we continued to Seixal to company Ferrexel who had fixed one of my  drilling machines. It was delivered one week late.

After returning the yard key that we had forgotten on our departure,  we drove to Ria Sul, a shopping mall outside Seixal  for food provisioning.    We drove back in to center of Lisbon to get the EPIRB. After a hour wait we got the EPIRB. It is now serviced to 2019.  We also got some good tips for tours from the friendly ladies.

Then back to the Marina in Cascais for dinner.

This is a little bit how cruising is.  Small projects can be a full day’s work.

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