Roland has all his electronic “toys” on board and one item (s) I am most happy with is the “Sunbrella” screen covers I had made for the cockpit.    Since leaving Sweden in May 2012, we now experienced warmer temperatures on the Rio Guadiana of 28c.       My expectations were exceeded by the amount of heat and direct sun they reduced in the cockpit.

The windscreen cover is in one piece with zippers to allow for opening the center window.   I have found that I only need to attach on each side as it stays in place with no fittings forward.     You use the same knobs that are in place for a hardtop cockpit extension as shown in one of the photo.      These screens can be made for a soft top windscreen as well.

We have  side panels that zip to the bimini and attach out to the life lines.    Because they are a screen material made by “Sunbrella”, they allows air flow  and are see-thru so you do not feel “enclosed”.

I highly recommend these.    Ours were made in Sweden and can be ordered through HR Parts and Accessories.    If you already have a bimini, you will need to have a local canvas maker install the zippers on the side of the bimini.

Window protection Window protection inside Side attachment

Side protection

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