Near the exit to the Rio Guadiana our last stop is on the Portuguese side, Vila Real de Santo Antonio.    This town was rebuilt in the 18th century following the destruction of a earthquake, followed by a tidal wave in 1755.     Most of the center is a pedestrian area so it is pleasant to walk around.     We took a long walk out to a yard where one can winter the boat out of the water.   It was  paved and well organized,clean and the price was very reasonable.

With the tide, we crossed the sand bar leaving the river and sailed to the Spanish town of Rota.    The marina lies just next to the old town.    We enjoyed the feel and atmosphere of this town very much.   It does not have the feel of tourism as many others.   The massive stone archways span its narrow streets in old town and it is quiet and very well kept.  You can see the pride the people have taken both in the old town and the newer parts.      There is also a large Naval Base in Rota.

From the marina there is a foot ferry that will take you the short distance to Cadiz but we decided to take Bella Luna.

Cadiz is a ancient, fascinating and beautiful city, founded by the Phoenicians over 3,000 years ago, settled by the Romans and Moors.    This is my favorite large city we have visited thus far.      The parks are stunning and it is said that some of the very large trees of today were brought and planted by Columbus.


    1. Vickie Post author

      We met 3 men after we passed the elephant who make these sand sculpures. They are happy guys all enjoying the artistic challenge. They are enjoying life.


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