We decided to leave Morocco earlier than planned as I broke a tooth eating chocolate with nuts.

The goal was, Clinica Dental Noruega in Fuengirola.

After waking up the custom officer in Marina Smir at 07:00, we got the exit stamp in our passports. Then we had a fantastic sail over the Alboran Sea. The forecast was 20-25 knots from the West. Instead we got 25-35 knots.

With reefed main and genoa we got a nice broad reach. We did 60 Nm in 7 hour. That makes an average of 8.6 knots. Not bad for cruising boat! Currents were favorable all day long. Must be a pain going in the other direction! Not one other sail boat was to be seen all day.

Puerto Deportivo in Fuengirola is right in the center, and it is a short walk to the commercial area. The marina is reasonably priced and with good service: For example free WIFI that is working great. Not that common.

Today we did find the Scandinavian Store, Casa Nordica. Our refrigerator is filled  with  Matjesill, Snaps and jordgubbar.(Herring,  schnapps and strawberries) On Friday we celebrate Midsummer here in Fuengirola.  Fortunately we do not have to worry about the weather, but will off course miss our friends Hans & Iris whom we have spent many wet Midsummers with in Sweden, under the Cockpit extension eating our traditional Midsummer food. We wish you all well.

Midsummer 2007, Bohus-Malmön

Midsummer 2007, Bohus-Malmön

I hope this time it will be good weather both here and in Sweden. At least I understand that the weather forecast is quite promising.

Glad Midsommar !


  1. Nick

    HA Thats what you get for pigin out. Really hope it wasn’t sometihing you couldn’t get fixed and looking good again.

  2. Mr. Vaslav MARKEVITCH, MARCO VINCI RESEARCH, Climate, Mountain skying and ocean sailing specialist, brought up in England in the early Fifties.

    Dear Roland and Vickie,
    Sorry to hear you bit a tough nut ! Hope your Fuengirola dentist managed to mend painlessly ?

    Your photo caption : Midsummer 2007, Bohus-Malmön

    caught particularly my attention. Why ? What is Bohus-Malmön ? I’m asking, because I had a Hungarian born great uncle whose name was Baron Paul Bohus ! Post WW-II, he made a fortune in California dealing in antiques. Unfortunately he left me nothing but love, because he was near ruined by my granny’s expensive lifestyle, of which he was faithful “chevalier servant”.

    I see you feast Swedish Midsommar before Spring offically gives way to Summer on June 21st, today ! Howzat ? In Switzerland we have a similar feasting on August 15th, Mid August, in French “mi-août”, which may sound like your cat saying “Miaaoow” !

    After Fuengirola, sailing East to Almuñécar, just some 15km east of that port, in direction of Motril, is Salobrena, where I have told about you to some very good friends of mine from Switzerland and London. They are quite cosmopolitan and much traveled, though not boatwise. They also have staying with them a daughter sophie, who besides being top lawyer in London, was also chief ICRC (International Red+Cross delegate in Southern Africa, after having been in Irak during the Saddam Hussein period as delegate. I’m sure you would enjoy each other, which the reason I mentioned you to t hem. Feel free to give it a try. Here is their house and cellphone numbers, just in case you decide to say hello to landlubbers. Of course they speak English besides French :

    Etienne and Margaret Nusslé
    House Tél. Salobrena : 0034958611465
    Mobile Etienne : 0041792157577

    Have a good sail !
    Vaslav &

  3. Roland Post author

    Hi Vaslav,
    Bohus-Malmön is an island about 60 Nm north of Gothenburg. Have spent a number of Midsummer in that area. Midsummer celebrations always takes place always on a Friday in the period June 21-25. It is a big event in Scandinavia.

  4. betsy karp

    ooh I like this. It seems like you are starting a new form of Facebook…seer gut:) (sic)
    In NYC with Betsy for a few days in what seems like a nice retreat from Appalachia (he he)
    Visiting some friends north tomorrow and maybe we’ll get to take a dip in their pool if the weather is nice. They have these magnificent pair of dogs that belong on the big screen.
    Not exactly sure what they are…the size of Saint Bernard, with grey and white long hair,
    human traits and thankfully friendly…the couple are Betsy’s long time friends and ones that
    were gracious fun guests on SR for one of the best weekends ever in Shelter Island.

    Yesterday we spent some time at the Sohohouse near where i used to live. Interesting crowd
    that includes some famous tv faces, artists and other assorted lost souls looking for some meaning to life…i guess boos and people watching around the rooftop pool will have to do for now. The whole area is abuzz with activity, construction and young and old happy faces…
    Sadly though, the beautiful church grounds across from that apartment where you stayed
    has been taken over as a hotel. Bricks and mortar replaced those gardens and tennis courts… The lobby to my once derelict but human entryway now has a doorman to stand guard
    over the newly decorated and somewhat tasteful wallpaper….so they did a very decent job.

    those landlubbers that Vaslav sent you phone numbers to sound like rather interesting
    people. I bet that you will be in for some very stimulating times possibly hearing or getting a different perspective of the current events around the world.

    ps..considering that Betsy is headed to Turkey in August for a couple of weeks I am curious as to how they feel about safety there. I worry that while it may calm down for a bit, the coals
    will keep simmering for a while and could reignite at any time… even as a guest of
    knowledgeable locals that of course will tell Betsy “no problem”… there is only so much they can do.

    good luck handling the laughing gas and enjoy that ride… 🙂
    safe waters, favorable winds and sunshine to compliment that ever approaching nine
    number repeating itself on all those great gadgets on BL :))

    miss you guys..sending big hugs

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Avi,
      Yes we do not want to use Facebook. NSA is listening!!! At least at, you know that everything is public!;-)

      Have a good time with Betsy, and give her a hug. I´m sorry to say I do not know more about Turkey than what media is reporting.
      Based on that I would have no problem going there.


      1. Mr. Vaslav MARKEVITCH, MARCO VINCI RESEARCH, Climate, Mountain skying and ocean sailing specialist, brought up in England in the early Fifties.

        My comment about Betsy visiting Turkey :

        Hi, just read Betsy’s query about visiting Turkey. I now the country and the people. Like most Mediterraneans, they are unpredictable. Basically they are still learning to behave with respect for our Western standards. But their Turkish Spring is now fast changing into a hot Summer. So there are some Dos and some Don’ts :

        Dos : If you fly in , by all means use the now fast improving Turklish Airlines, trying hard to win public approval. As a former IATA excutive, I know they deliver good service.

        If you aim for a bathing holiday, Bodrum, facing the Greek islands in the southern Agean, is the Turkish top sea resort. Fine too if you sail in. My eldest son, daughter-in-law and small kids were there a couple of years ago, when things were still relatively quiet. But a few years earlier, after visiting Australia,, they hopped over to Bali, and were lucky. Two weeks later was the Bali terrorist bimbing where they had been on vacation.

        Don’ts : Avoid going inland in Turkidh Anatolia alone, with a hired car , without at least a seasoned, reliable and influent Turkish friend. The present Prime Minster Erdogan, is now doing his best to veil all Turkish women (including his wife) and is eager to reverse a century’s lay progress inaugurated by modern Turkey’s founder Kemal Ata Turk. This forcible Islamisation is dividing Turkey between such fundamentalists which will probably never be accepted in the fold of the European Union, and the other half, with a modern tendency and desire for free global exchange.

        Like most Mediterranean states in transition, they can give you a great welcome one day and the next regret if some hotheads bully you during your vacation. Years ago, as spokesman of ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) I was a working guest of the Turkish Government in Istanbul, and given a pretty fabulous red carpet treatment. A couple of months later, on another mission to Cyprus, my mission chief and myself were almost lynched by the Turkish Army in part of Northern Cyprus, and were saved timely from an unpleasant end by an armed patrol of Danish UN troops.

        Other example : a few months ago, some of my best English friends, an aged couple, visited Cappadocia, in Anatolia, where the first Christian populations hid from Islamic persecution inside mountain caverns. They did fine, because they were chaperoned all the time from when they landed at the airport, until they left, and kept a low profile and always stuck together. A woman alone anywhere is now a sitting duck and obvious target. Watch what happened last month in New Delhi, India, to a young American tourist who was rash enough to move around town alone without escort.

        Another example : Morocco. You went and had a good time and I’m glad you only broke a tooth. Last year, Roger Dalton, my Anglo-Irish dentist went there for a vacation, which didn’t last long : in the first couple of days, in a main street of Casablanca, he got mugged by some men who stripped him of all his cash, credit cards and camera in the space of a few seconds, with people watching and no one dreaming of helping him.

        So, if you like to play with fire, please yourself. There are plenty of them in Yosemite and California during the hot season, and you’ll be safer amongst your own kin.

        The dividing line is : have you got a proper local escort, even when you travel as husband and wife ?

        As a Climate specialist, my last comment is what I recommend also to my children : don’t tempt the devil by going in Summer to visit hot countries. It does something to people’s behaviour and, for some reason, those same places are safer and more welcoming in the low season, with few or no tourists.

        Have a good time nevertheless. and don’t mind what I say. My dream of a good vacation is anywhere in the Far North, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, or the Far South : Argentina, Chile New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Nobody’s perfect ! Happy landings !
        Vaslav &

  5. Roland Post author

    I´m sure Betsy appreciates your advice about her safety.
    Local guides are not only safer, but also add to the whole experience!

    Unfortunately a lonely woman is a target in many parts of the world. I have visited Turkey a number of times and never experienced any problem. It is fair to say that the hospitality I have experienced in Turkey is rare to find in other places. The last visit was about 2-3 years ago. The riots at Taksim Square are off course a warning signal, and an area to avoid.

    Funny that you mentioned Norway as one of your dream destination. In the summer of 2011 we were sailing on the West Coast of Norway. In Kirkehavn we woak up to the terrible news about the bombings in Oslo and the massacre at Utöya.

    And by the way when you sail up the coast of Sweden you are passing Malmö or Gothenburg with a population born outside Sweden between 20-30%. There is Ghetto like areas that I would recommend avoiding. Only some weeks ago, after a cold spring, we had riots in Stockholm, lots of cars and some buildings on fire in the suburbs. Fire fighters did not dare to go in whiteout police protection. A year ago cars was burning in Gothenburg.

    Would I advise people not travel to Norway or Sweden? No.

    Travelling to Morocco is not anything like playing with fire. Perhaps when you are in the boarder regions to West Sahara I could agree.

    I mentioned to Vickie when we were walking to the Hotel in Chefshaouen, if we would had been in a similar poor area in the west my hands would not be in the pockets. It also helps that you do not meet drunks with unpredictable behavior, that can get aggressive just because you do not smoke etc.

    My point is, we should not base our judgments on isolated muggings in Casablanca, or one American girl in New Delhi, or temperature what that matter.

    The cruising life style itself, is an increased risk, but can be very rewarding. Most areas you can visit safe if you are street smart, and some you simply avoid.

    Staying alive is a risky business, but a risk worth taking!

    1. Mr. Vaslav MARKEVITCH, MARCO VINCI RESEARCH, Climate, Mountain skying and ocean sailing specialist, brought up in England in the early Fifties.

      Dear Roland and Vickie,
      Saturday : 13:21
      Thanks for your commen about risks. Having taken them persistently for over ¾ century, I agree with you without reservation. But I felt compelled to warn your Betsy friend of such risks.

      Basically, we are all in the same boiling cauldron, (as happened to Captain Cook in Hawai !), i.e. a fast transforming global society. This shows the importance of enhancing AWARENESS of real developing conditions, which does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy the fun of it.

      Often feeling much like an Alexander Selkirk E.T. surrounded by ignorant “Man Fridays” on this island planet, your comment came as an pleasant refreshing reminder that we are all apostles of evolution. It is up to each and everyone of us to create niches for better mutual understanding between individuals, and consecutively whole societies.

      Having picked up tennis balls as a teenager for the late King G.-A. when he and Queen Louise were visiting my adoptive grandparents in Italy, I have grown up with a strong pro “Rolf Wallenberg” vocation which led me first to the Red+Cross (ICRC), then to a global communicating tool that was IATA, incidentally teaching me aviation specialties beyond just mountain skiing and ocean sailing. One of the few but vital aspects I have gotten from such multiple training is that : just like two sides to a coin, the best and the worst are practically always represented in all ways of life. It’s up to us to flip the coin on the right side up !

      Thanks for your entertaining but also precious useful blog. Keep on under full sail complement and my renewed best wishes to adventurous Betsy ! May we perhaps all meet someday, maybe next Mid Sommer ? Have you ever anchored in Malta ?
      Right now here we have a +/- 20 Knt breeze on vineyards and olive groves of Central Italy.
      Best from,
      Vaslav &

  6. Claudia Caro

    Sorry to hear about it my friend. Good you could fix it again and handsome 🙂
    Warm hugs from Umeå
    Lennart, Claudia and boys.

    1. Roland Post author

      Umeå ???

      Sounds like you decided for something different this year. Hope the
      mosquitos are not to hard on you.

      Why not drive up to Luleå. It is only one “Varg tjut” away!


      Roland & Vickie

      1. Claudia

        We decided to give the mosquito a chance ( we went to a wedding)we are back at home hopefully going sailing tomorrow! 😉


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