After Olbia we changed our plan and cruised down the east side of Sardinia.

In Villasimius we anchored in a nice bay outside the Marina.

Next day we spotted another Swedish boat. It was Synapsen, with Michael and Maria.  Check out their Blog. As we have not been spoiled with Swedish boats I took the dinghy over and they immediately invited us for coffee.  Later in the evening we had them over for Happy Hour. As Michael and Marie is on the same type of part-time cruising as us it was nice to be able to exchange ideas.

Next day the wind was forecasted to come from the West.   Synapsen was going o Cagliari to pick up their daughter. We were planning to cross s to Sicily. In the early morning we woke up to numerous thunderstorms.

I checked the weather for the crossing and decided the Cape index was to high. Cape index is the probability for thunderstorms and lightning.  Wind and waves are O.K. But thunder is not our cup of tea.

Instead we sailed over to Cagliari and anchored. Next day we went in to Marina del Sol in Cagliari. It is a bit tired looking like the company car. But they are very friendly and do everything to help.

Marina del Sol company car

Marina del Sol company car

Friendly Marina del Sol

Friendly Marina del Sol


In town we had a nice lunch at a local restaurant. The restaurant owner and the Chef was standing smoking in-front of the restaurant when we arrived. First the owner was a bit reserved. He was not accustom  to tourists in the restaurant.

When we asked for the menu he said, “we only serve fish” That is O.K. we replied. Then he relaxed and became very friendly.

Soon the local guests came in and he puts on the TV. There was some news about Mr. Berlusconi.  The restaurant owner was very animated when he declared his liking of Berlusconi. One of the guest made thumb down for Berlusconi. Then the fight was on. The guest left the restaurant in frustration for some minutes, but was soon back. In the end they all had a good time. That included us that got good food and entertainment.

Roman theatre Cagliari

Roman theatre Cagliari

Cagliari Street

Cagliari Street

Next day we planned to go back to Villasimius and anchor and sail to Sicily the following day.  In the beginning we had to motor, but soon the wind came from SW with 15 knots. When we came to the anchorage we changed the plan and continued to Sicily.  Wind was stabile SW 12-20 knots and we had a fantastic sail, logging between 8 to 8.5 knots for many hours.

Around two a clock in the morning we could see heavy thunder & lightning over Tunisia. Soon the storms came our way. We could track them on the radar and  we understood that we would sail straight into them if we continued with the same speed.   This was not forecasted in the weather reports.

We decided to step on the break for a while. As there was not much wind we furled in the sails and drifted for two hours.  6-7 storms passed just 2-3 miles in front of us.

At daybreak the forecasted NW wind started to clear the air and we continued against Trapani, Sicily with the Blue sky behind and heavy clouds in front of us.

Thunder ahead

Thunder ahead

The last 2-3 hours in to Trapani were a bit boring, as the waves had started building and the wind from dead behind.

Weather is very unstable at the moment, much earlier in the season than normal accordingly to the locals.  But as we are not on a schedule we have no problem adjusting the schedule in order to stay out of trouble.



  1. Fulvia

    Hello Vickie and Roland, if you are still in Trapani do not forget to taste the “arancini”, sort of big “meatball” made of rice and cheese or meat inside. Delicious but watch out for your weight.
    And go to Erice, the old town on top of the mountain. Take with you a jacket, even if in Trapani is hot, up there it gets foggy and cold in minutes!

  2. paolo casoni

    dear Roland and Vickie, I’m planning to go to Turkey at the and of this week to bring back Mistero Blu to Italy. Are you sailing towards somewhere in Greece or Crete or Malta?

  3. Roland Post author

    Hi Paolo,
    We are at the moment in Trapani. After cruising on the South coast we will sail over to Malta. I guess we will be there end of September. We will winter the boat on Malta and go back to Sweden mid October. Would be great if we could meet.


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