Rope Cutter

After arriving to Sicily we have had use of our rope cutter two times, due to the garbage that are floating in the water.

In Trapani we got a bucket in the propeller. The rope cutter cut both the line and the bucket.

Today it was time again. We got a 20 m line in the propeller before, we came in to Sciacca. Luckily the rope cutter had no problem cutting this line.

So far we have experienced at least 5 times, (that we are aware about) when our rope cutter has saved us from having to go in the water and free the propeller.

It is a simple disk model, installed in front of the propeller on the propeller shaft. Inexpensive and easy to install.

Just make sure that you have sufficient clearance between cutlass bearing and rope cutter when installing it. You need  20 mm to make sure that water flows in the cutlass bearing is not restricted. If distance is to short you must loosen the shaft in the shaft coupling in the engine room. Just pull out the shaft from the coupling the millimeters you are missing.

Rope Cutter

Rope Cutter in front of the Flex-O-Fold propeller


4 thoughts on “Rope Cutter

  1. george yves

    We had such a cutter on our previous Jeanneau ( shaft drive ) – worked fine . On our present HR34 , with a sail drive we have no cutter . Is there a cutter which would fit a sail drive ?


  2. Max

    Hi Guys,
    I read about your unlucky problem with ropes, but I think that ‘full of garbage’ il not the right words to use, becouse it gives to others visitors or sailors that Sicily is a real rubbish dump. This is untrue, don’t you agree?
    After three weeks of gales, storms and strong winds up to 35kt or more it is normal to find floating debris especialy close to big harbors.
    This has nothing to do with your rope cutter that is a great addition that we are thinking to install on our boat.
    Ciao from Ale & Max – Y2K

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Max,

      By my standards, I’m sorry to say the sea is very dirty indeed. But you are right, “full” is a little bit to much!

      Trapani or Mazara del Vallo are not really “big harbors”. And even if they were, it is not an excuse to pollute the water. The water in Mazara is smelly, our dinghy was black in the bottom when lifting it up on deck.

      Inside the harbor there are a number of wrecks. They must have been there for a while as some are in the charts! The river is very polluted and the water eventually comes out in the sea.

      In the Egadi Island water quolity was much better, but even there you see plastic. This plastic pollution is not something that is special for Sicily. It started as soon as we entered the Med. I’m sure you are right, that the gales has moved some of it down to Sicily.

      In the marina in Sciacca were we are now, I can see more than 25 plastic bottles floating around sitting in the cockpit!

      But do not worry we love Sicily! The people are friendly, the island beautiful and there ar lot of things to see. I’m sure boats will keep on coming.


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