Before the season started, I installed a Seagull IV filter after recommendation from a sailing friend.  The expectations were not  high, as all water is filtered by a carbon filter as standard.  I  thought it would be hard to improve quality with an additional filter. Boy, was I wrong!  Today we do not hesitate to drink tap water.

I installed the filter under the sink, with a  T-connection to the cold water supply.  A dedicated faucet for the purified water was installed next to the standard faucet.  Installation did not take much more time than one hour.   The result was amazing.  We did not have to taste the water to experience the difference,  it was enough to put the nose in the glass and smell.

Seagull water purification

Seagull water purification installed under sink on Bella Luna

Download the PBO test,  PBOWaterfilters test.   The Seagull IV filter was tested under the brand name Nature pure.

As you can see from the test report, it also  filters out  bacteria, diesel etc.  As water quality varies a lot between marinas, I think this filter is an additional safety feature.

I was impressed by the fact that the PBO test crew reported that even diesel was filtered out years after a mistake filling diesel in the water tank.

This is what PBO wrote in the test report:

“Some readers may recall that a few years back, I inadvertently put eight gallons of diesel fuel into my water-tank filler. Having cleaned up the system and achieved potable water using a Nature Pure filter, we used the boat al summer. When I came to replace the filter element the following season, I found to my amazement that there was a considerable amount of diesel fuel in the filter housing. There was even some diesel fuel left over this winter when I changed the filter element again – three years after the event! The water had always tasted fine”  


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