Ihlabela haul out

There are different ways to haul a boat.  Here in Ihlabela, Brazil a converted tractor drives out in the water and tow the boat up on the beach.

Haul out Ihla Bella Brazil

Haul out Ihlabela Brazil

Almost up

Almost up

No, we have not been sailing to Brazil! Bella Luna is till on the hard on Malta.  Instead we took a  KLM flight to Sao Paulo and visited my daughter Malin and her boyfriend Pablo.

Malin & Pablo

Malin & Pablo

When we get home to Sweden it is not so many weeks until Bella goes in the water at Manoel Island Yacht Yard on Malta.

4 thoughts on “Ihlabela haul out

  1. Helen Scott

    How funny looking. Hope Vickie went to the Amazon too! Looks like fun to me. Geez, i thought you would be at the olympics. Although Russia is so close to Sweden, i am sure the Olympics are prtty far from you.
    We are having our motorcycle made into a trike. Little safer for our age!
    Will aend you a Valentine’s surprise my daughter-in-law had. She works for a broker.
    love, Helen

    1. Roland Post author

      Next stop is the Amazonas. We are watching the Olympics on TV here. It was a nice feeling waking up to another Swedish Gold 4×10 km cross country relay 🙂

    1. Roland Post author

      Thank You Chico,
      It would be fun to visit Chile one day. Next stop on this trip is the Amazonas. I´m sure we will visit South America many times in the



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