We are back in Malta and preparing Bella Luna for the Monday launch.

Today I greased the rudder skeg bearing. This I do every time the boat is out of the water.
The first bearing did not have any grease nipples and did only last 4 years. The “new” bearing has been greased every year and is still in new condition after 7 years.

Rudder bearing with attachment for grease gun

Rudder bearing with attachment for grease gun

Check if your Hallberg-Rassy has a plug for the grease nipple. If it has, make sure you press in grease until you see it coming up between the shaft and the bronze bearing.

There are 3 different versions of rudder bearing depending on year and model.

1. No plug at all. (Early boats)
2. One plug.
3. Two plugs (One on each side)

If you have an early boat you might not have a plug. If this is the case, I recommend drilling a hole for a grease nipple in the bronze bearing. Grease will no doubt extend the life of the rudder skeg bearing.

6 thoughts on “RUDDER SKEG BEARING

  1. Yves george

    Dear Roland ,

    Very interesting . I experienced some trillings due to a worn bearing in 2009 ( the boat is of 2000) ; when I stopped in Ellös , they recommended to replace the bronze bearing , which I did myself in april 2010 ( putting a lot of grease in it ).
    BUT this new bearing still does not have a grease nipple so no greasing since then .
    In your proposed solution , do you mean a simple hole ,in which case I think it will be difficult to obtain a sufficient pressure to inject the grease or do you mean to dril a hole with a thread so as to install a grease nipple .
    Good lauch monday .
    (Cayuga II was put in the water last friday )


    1. Roland Post author

      Dear Yves,
      You are right. There are no grease nippel on the HR 34 bearing. Why I do not know? I´m sure it would be an advantage also there.

      You need to cut a thread in the hole. If I remember things right the HR 34 bearing is made in two parts. Removing the aft end of the bearing is just a matter of removing the two bolts. Then it is an easy thing to take that part to a workshop and drill the hole.

      As you can see from the picture I do not really use a grease-nippel. I removed the grease fitting end on the pressure hose. You are then left with a threaded fitting that fits directly in to the threaded hole.

      1. Leon Schulz

        Cayuga II is in good hands and is looking great thanks to Adams Boat Care’s great treatment! I see her across Ellös Harbour from Regina Laska in wonderful sunshine. Welcome tomorrow, and I am sure we will say hello, since I will be in Ellös until Wednesday when my charter guests arrive.

  2. Johan Virgin

    Hi Roland,
    Just wonder what type of grease you use, is Penta blue grease a good choice?
    Or the Penta “propelleraxelfett” which might be the same but sold in a jar.
    Rgds and thanks for making us worried…
    HR43 Therica

  3. yves george

    Indeed the HR34 bearing is in 2 parts ; I will follow your advice ? Thanks Cayuga is now ready to sail . Motor sails and instruments were checked today on a test run . ,



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