We left the busy town of Lefkas through the channel to the south and upon the exit of the channel we felt like we had entered a Alpine Lake. Surrounded by high mountains all around it was just beautiful.

Alp Lake?

High mountains after exiting Lefkas Channel

South of Lefkas we anchored in Tranquil Bay which is just opposite the resort village of Nidri. Again, the feeling of a Alpine Lake. We immediately spotted a dutch sailboat, Pegasus, that always winters in Malta. We met them in the yard last fall when we were preparing to haul out Bella Luna. They have been sailing the Greek Islands for many years.

We have heard reference to this anchorage as “hurricane hole” . Indeed, it is a very good all around protected anchorage, but ironically 3 years ago a violent storm hit the south part of the bay. Hurricane force winds which funnelled between two mountain peaks hit for about 20 minutes and did an incredible amount of damage, however just a bit north in the area where we were anchored it did not strike and no damage was inflicted.

Hurricane hole

Hurricane hole, Vliho Bay

Sunken boats at Boat Yard

Sunken boats at Boat Yard at Vliho Bay

Nidri is a pleasant village with just about everything you need plus TWO very well stocked marine stores.

Skorpidhi is a island that was purchased by the Onassis family. Aristotle, his son and daughter are buried on the island beside a simple church. We were hoping to anchor in front of the beach hut that Jackie Kennedy Onassis had built but unfortunately that is not possible. The rumor is  a Russian has leased the island and there is now guards placed around the island, one sitting in front of the beach hut. The two beautiful spots for anchoring have now been roped off. It is a beautiful island and one can see that it truly is a special island retreat.

Jackies Hideaway

Jackies Hideaway at Scorpio island

Visitors not welcomed

Visitors are not welcome on Scorpio

1 thought on “NIDRI and SCORPIDHI

  1. Helen Scott

    So interesting Vickie. Why would the Onassis’ family lease the island to Russians? Such history here, although I know the Kennedy and Onassis family didn’t jive. probably ghe white buildings you could see was the entrance to a huge place. i can’t read what the sign says.
    We have had house painters here for 6 days now. One fell onto our new pergola yesterday and broke the ceiling part of it. The joys of construction!
    be safe and have fun! Cheers, Helen


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