We carry a hookah diving equipment onboard.  Yesterday I had to use it as I forgot to take in my fishing equipment.  We had been sailing all day with the fishing gear out.  When it was time for anchoring I totally forgot the fishing line.

Hookah hose with regulators

Hookah hose with regulators

After the anchor was set I looked back and …… yes remembered that I had a fishing line out.  The line cutter had done its job, but still there were many wraps between the cutlass bearing and the cutter.

It is important to make sure all line is gone, as remaining line can melt and damage the cutlass bearing.

With the Hookah it was a simple job in super clear 25 degree water.

The Hookah is just a long hose between the 1st and 2nd regulator. The advantage is that the dive tank can stay onboard which makes it easier to work under water.

12 l Air tank in SB aft deck locker

12 l Air tank in SB aft deck locker

I use the Hookah every year for maintenance, cleaning, changing anodes etc.

But please do not go out and buy one if you do not know anything about diving.  You are breathing compressed air, and it is possible to kill yourself even on shallow water, if you do not understand the basics.

Take a dive course and you will discover a new world.

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