Many Greeks lived here until the 1920s when they were forced to migrate to Greece after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Today the town is very agricultural, surrounded by fields of greenhouses.

Saint Nicholas Church: The earliest church was built in the 6th century. The constructed church of today was mainly constructed from the 8th century onward. This church was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, patron saint of sailors but better known as father Christmas. Many stories are told of the good Bishop of Demre, and perhaps he was indeed a generous man who extended charity to the poor of his town. He died here and his grave became very important and was visited by many. In 1087 his bones were stolen by merchants from Bari, Italy and were taken to a church there, where they now lie.

St. Nicholaus church

St. Nicholas church

Paintings in St. Nicholaus

One of many paintings in St. Nicholas church

There are 2 sets of Lycian rock cut tombs. They were designed to look like wooden houses. Some of them have figures carved above the door which might indicate the type of persons entombed. Perhaps warriors as the photo shows.


Myra with the Roman theatre and Lycian tombs in background

Tombs in Myra

Tombs in Myra

The Roman Theatre was constructed 200-225 AD and sat 11,000 people.

11000 people could be seated

11000 people could be seated in the theatre

Roland in the VIP seat

Roland in the VIP seat at the Roman theathre

Well preserved

Well preserved

During our 3 day stay in Ucagiz we ate at Hassan’s Restaurant several times and got to know the family. Hassan’s fish was the best we have had in Turkey and their appetiser buffet is very good. They invited us to use their dock anytime for our dingy and assisted us getting a private taxi to Demre. They are very helpful to sailors and oh so friendly.

Hassan Restaurant in Kekova

Hassan Restaurant in Kekova

Hassan with family

Chef Hassan with family


  1. AVI

    this one I will have to see on the big screen. Looks amazing..
    The guy on the throne is looking pretty good.. :)) hugs

  2. Mr. Vaslav MARKEVITCH, MARCO VINCI RESEARCH, Climate, Mountain skying and ocean sailing specialist, brought up in England in the early Fifties.

    Hello Vickie & Roland,
    Well played ! your trip seems very interesting. Long tome ago visi ted San Nicola in Bari, but also Cyprus, Rhodes and other Greek islands off Turkey. Where are you considering going to now ? Cyprus ? Haifa ? Both interesting with lots to see. On top of Haifa is unique beautiful Bahai Temple with golden dome visible many miles out at sea, entrance to temple is daily strewn with fresh wonderfully perfumed rose petals. Above that on top of Hadar Carmel hill, is a rare, friendly independent Druze community which my late father and regretted friend Dag Hammarskjöld once. One of the most peaceful spiritually minded places in that region. I often used to climb there myself in 1955, aged 18. Cyprus when it was still in Greek Cypriot unoccupied territory. Otherwise, if you kindly send me Roland’s own email address, which was lost here in an accidental computer data destruction, I’ll mail them again. I strongly suggest you avoid Eastern Turkey, Syrian Coast and Lebanon, for obvious reasons.

    Other Question : to sail back to Lulea and Göteborg regions, have you ever thought of doing some up river sailing? Although my younger son Youzri and his mother sailed on Volga, for ti me being best avoid it too, because of Crimean situation. But another alternate route is avail able from Costanza and Delta region, Rumania, up Danube all the way up thru Budapest, Hungary, Austria then Germany, then thru canals via Würzburg to Elbe or Rhine to North Sea and/or OstSee.
    All the best, Vaslav & please reply to: /Users/vaslavmarkevitch/Desktop/5.jpg


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