After launching we motored to the south end of Leros and stayed 3 days at Leros Marina in Lakki. Such friendly staff and very nice facilities. It is here we met Robert and Cathy on their HR 53. They were heading to Turkey for the Eastern Med Rally when their engine suddenly died. They managed to sail to Leros Marina. After 3 days of arriving, the marina had the engine out of the boat and had the engine apart for diagnosis. We were quite impressed! As it was Cathy’s birthday we took a taxi to a restaurant to celebrate. The fresh octopus hanging outside drew us in immediately.

Zorbas Taverna

Zorbas Taverna

We also reconnected with dear friends, Mike and Monica, who we met in Portugal 3 years ago. After wintering in Crete, they sailed to Leros to haul the boat out for new bottom paint so it was a great start to the new season.

We departed Lakki Bay with an escort of large bottleneck dolphins.  As there was no wind, we motored to Kos. Half way there we noticed we had something trailing from the rudder. As there was no wind, we did not want to slow down and try to free it in case of problems. So we kept on until we got very close to Kos Marina, where the depth was good for anchoring if it was required for freeing the debris.
As we put the gear in neutral and slowed, we realized it was part of a fishing net with several 30mm+ diameter lines attached.

No rope cutter would cut this line!

No rope cutter would cut this line!

As we were deciding how to proceed to clear this, a large fishing boat passed close to us and the wake from that boat caused us to bobb up and down and the result was the net and lines falling clear of the rudder. Whew!

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  1. Nick Dole

    Hey Cuz. Hope you folks have a great summer of sailing and site seeing. Really enjoy the pics. and stories that go with them. All is well here in Montana. Still doing alittle roping. Nick


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