We said our goodbyes to Karolina and continued west. The North Coast is mountainous and beautiful. The number of villages that sit on mountain peaks are fascinating and I contemplated possible earthquakes and the consequences. One peak in particular looked like it would just fall off like gelato from a cone.Sicily

Cefalu is a old fishing village that sits below a steep conical hill. Cefalu has retained its medieval appearance and is famous for its medieval monuments. There is a well preserved Norman cathedral that was started in 1131. The narrow streets are enhanced with elaborate architectural decorations. The village today is a busy tourist resort. We watched Kite flying on the long sandy beach in the early evening. It is comical to walk the narrow streets and listen to the elderly Italian ladies yelling back and forth to each other from their apartment balconies as they hang out their laundry. CefaluCefalu-2

Termini Imerese was our next stop and a very NON-touristic but authentic working town. It is here that Fiat cars were once built and a few models of the Lancia. We stopped to break up the long miles and lack of wind for sailing. We found one of the largest supermarkets we have seen in sometime and I just wandered around admiring the selection. In the evening we made quite a steep climb up many stairs to the upper town looking for a restaurant, which we finally found in the large cathedral square. As the days push on in September the villages become more quiet, less restaurants open, with the tourist season coming to an end.

Castellammare Del Golfo is a old town built on the slopes around the bay. There are many stairways, bridges, and steep alleys to navigate. We spent 3 days here and enjoyed the area very much but as a forecasted gale was coming we rounded the NW corner of Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo and retraced our route from 2 years ago along the west and south side of the island. We took refuge from the gale in Licata and met some nice people on the dock. This marina is popular for many to leave their boats in the water during the winter months.Castellhammre_ Castellhammre_-3

Now that we have circumnavigated Sicily, our favorite area is the north coast and our favorite city is Siracusa. Sicilian cuisine is centered around fish, vegetables and sweets, fabulous sweets I might add. The best local wines tend to remain on the island instead of exporting, therefore they are not as well known but are VERY good. We look forward to passing Sicily next spring and making some short stops to enjoy the wonderful food and wine and friendly people.

After a very long day of mostly motoring and some sailing we arrived to the port of Licata on the south coast to wait for the next gale to blow through as it was too early for us to arrive Malta with our slip reservation.

Licata lighthouse

Licata lighthouse



The storm produced some incredible waves outside the double breakwater to the port but inside we were comfortable and meeting many cruisers who were preparing to leave their boats for the winter. Departing the marina in early morning we were quite surprised to see the water temperature outside the breakwater was 16c when we have constantly seen temperatures 23c +. It was not until we were half way to Malta that the temperature increased again. The second half of the trip we had a great sail and approached the island of Gozo at 8.4 knots and enjoyed a swim when we reached the anchorage.



  1. We are getting ready for winter also. Its almost the middle of Oct. and still haven’t had a killing frost. The mountains got alittle snow but its mostly gone also. A week from today I will be getting loaded up to go to hunting camp for 5 weeks. Doesn’t make any difference whether I get anything or not, its a nice 5 weeks in the mountains. Just pulled the shoes off the horses until we get back from camp then if the weather is still nice my get them reshod and go back to roping some more. Hope you folks have a good and healthy winter. We are doing fine here. GOD BLESS. Nick

    • Hi Cuz! Great to hear from you. From sea to mountains, we have it covered. I look forward to hearing about your hunting trip. Watch out for bears!
      Love Vickie

  2. We are at Nissirios and we will get home 21 st of October. Gozo is a lovely place. Give my regards to Josef who ownes one of the exkursion boats.
    You must also read the Chaplin of Malta to get an insight in the Islands history. Anders

    • Hello Anders! You are not far behind us getting back to Sweden. We arrive on the 15th. It has been a very busy time in Malta. All the best,
      Vickie and Roland

    • Hi Avi:
      The second half of the passage to Malta was a great sail and it has been a very busy time since we arrived. Bella is out of the water now and the projects seem endless. Hugs Vickie and Roland

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