When we aligned the engine in Greece, one of the bolts that holds the engine mounts was impossible to loosen.  The mechanic tried all the tricks in his book, but gave up as he did not want to break the bolt, which would have been a big headache.

Seawater had dripped from the raw water pump, directly on to the engine mount, down in to the thread.

I tried many different tools, WD 40 etc. but no success. It was frozen solid.

Back in Sweden  I did find some positive reviews of “OMEGA 636 ” oil.  It is an oil that is said to find its way in to the thread and loosen up corrosion.  Too good to be true!! I was afraid it was another “snake oil” product.   But as I had no better choice, I ordered a can.

Back on the boat I dripped Omega 636 oil on the bolt.  After a couple days I decided to give it a try.  Like a miracle the bolt moved with normal force!!

Corroded bult

Corroded bult

7 thoughts on “OMEGA 636 PENETRATING OIL

  1. David Cranston

    Speaking of bolts…. Roland, I took delivery of a new HR 40 in May and discovered this week that one of the keel bolts is leaking. Is this common? Any advice would be appreciated. David Cranston USA

  2. Yves George

    Thanks a lot for this tip ; frozen bolts are a headache not only on boats (sea water ) but also on motorcycles (salt on the roads ) .
    Any idea if it can be purchased on the internet ??


    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Yves, nice to hear from you. Frozen bolts are a pain. This product is worth trying. It is pretty amazing. I bought it is Sweden. It came in a spray can. Dangerous goods. Had to spay it in to another bottle before taking it in checked luggage. Oil itself is not dangerous goods. The gas is only used to get it out of the can. I did find this web shop in U.K. that sell the product whitout gas


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