We came back to Las Palmas in end of August. Bella was very dirty as the kalima had been blowing.

Bella Luna  “to do list” was long as she is getting ready for an Atlantic crossing. We started the job directly when we arrived. We lifted the boat out of the water for one week at Rolnautic. New antifouling and one thru hull was replaced. Rudder was checked and greased before she went back in the water.   

Rolnautic got lot of business from us. They are very good and have been able to source all our requested parts.

Back in the water at Varadero Rolnautic

When Bella was launched we decided to sail to La Gomera.  After sitting in the marina for many month it felt good to get out on the water and check the boat.  Steering, autopilot, running and standing rigging have been checked and worked on.

Unfortunately we did not get to sail as much as we wanted as there was no wind. A hurricane around Azores sucked up all air from the Canaries. Normally there is steady NE trade this time of the year.

We sailed down to Puerto Mogan and had dinner with Ove from Mayflower. Ove had arranged a slip in the marina even if it was full! Unfortunately Greta was home in Gothenburg. Ove &Greta has a lot of experience. They have circumnavigated in their HR 45 and done countless Atlantic crossings in their HR 46.

After Puerto Mogan we motored over to Tenerife. Next day we sailed to San Sebastian on La Gomera. In the marina we did meet our friends Julie and Craig. We had some fun evenings catching up, as we had not seen them since Monemvasi in Greece.

La Gomera, San Sebastian

A view to die for

Vickie on thin ice

Views with no end.

When we sailed back to Tenerife we discovered that we had a hydraulic problem with the backstay adjuster. As the wind was non existing we decided to return to Las Palmas to have it fixed before the crowd of ARC boats arrives. We had no desire to wait for the wind and seas to start building as we had a very loose backstay.

Navtec pressure gauge leaking

Again Rolnautic was able to help as they had the seals for the cylinder in stock. Navtec went in liquidation in the beginning of the year and parts are harder to find.  Rolnautic sent the cylinder to a hydraulic company that was supposed to fix it in 2-3 days.  As expected it took a little bit longer.  But after 2 weeks I got it back.  

Vickie flew home to Gothenburg and will meet up in Grenada.  I’m waiting for the Atlantic crew to arrive.  The plan is to sail down to Cape Verdes. Stay there for a couple of days and then leave for the Caribbean when the trades are blowing.


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  1. Jørgen Bojesen

    I wish you a pleasant crossing as well, Roland. I am thinking back 31 years when I had the pleasure to participate in the very first ARC in 1986. Greetings from Denmark – Jørgen Bojesen


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