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Dinner is saved!

After celebrating Christmas on Grenada we lifted the anchor and sailed north.

Our goal was the small island Ronda between Grenada and Carriacou. Vincent wanted to go there as it is good fishing. We dropped the hook in crystal clear water on 6 m depth.

At the same time we heard Vincente on the VHF. “Fish on board” It was a big Wahoo that filled the freezers on Pasion Ibiza and Bella Luna.

Catch of the day Wahoo

Merry Christmas from Grenada

In Trinidad we met Bea and Vincente on Pasion Ibiza. We left Trinidad together for the sail over to Grenada. When we arrived Grenada the Christmas winds arrived, which made the sail north more uncomfortable. Vincente invited us for Christmas dinner. For us it was an easy choice. Meeting new friends from different parts of the world is the essence of cruising.

Bea is originally from Germany, Vincente is from Ibiza in Spain.
So here we where four people from four different countries. And what a fun Christmas evening we had!


Working our way south we revisited many of our favorite places, and met friends along the way so it was quite a social time.
We were required to check out with customs and immigration on Union Island. While there,  we returned to the HAPPY ISLAND bar where we posted photos in January.   This time windsurfers entertained us with spectacular tricks.  Here is a short video as one surfer flew through the air and grabbed a beer from a gentleman holding it out for him.    He had a few drinks as he surfed away and then returned giving the beer back to the gentleman.     Cheers by all.   

Our final sail of the season took us from Union Island to Carriacou Island where we joined 7 other boats leaving for  Trinidad.  

Convoy #1 head out from Carriacou

A week earlier a sailboat was pursued by “pirates” near the Trinidad coast.   Shots were fired and although no one on board was injured, the boat sustained several bullet holes.     As a result, a total of 8 boats formed a convoy and made contact with the Trinidad Coast Guard and North Coast Radio. We filed a sailing route with them and had radio contact  as we approached the coast.    They were monitoring us on radar.     We experience no incidents and had a beautiful 16 hour sail, arriving Trinidad early in the morning.

Bella Luna, Beaucastel and Blue decided to go into the first cove and anchor for a few hours of sleep as we did not choose to go into the area of the marina at night.   It turned out to be a magical  experience.    As we approached in the moonlight  there were a lot of fish swimming at the surface.  When we set the anchors and turned off our motors we heard Howler monkeys and tropical birds in the distance.   Waking in daylight we were in awe of this beautiful cove, with still water, dense tropical foliage  and the silence except, again,  the moneys and birds  callings. How special to be in this South American setting to enjoy our final anchorage of the season.  

Bella Luna & Beaucastel strapped down for hurricane season