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Gale after gale….

It has been a windy week with 4 gales in 8 days. And it is not over yet!

But as we have time, we have been sailing the other 4 days. From Läsö we sailed to Grenå and later on to Ballen on Samsö.

Today we arrived in Nyborg on Fyn. It was 8 degrees Celcius and the fourth gale was starting to blow.

We are a little bit embarrassed over the Danish flag that have been suffering in the high winds. But we will get a new one as soon as we find a store that is open.

The marina had two more sailboats. Both HR.


The Morning After

As the winds built in the afternoon Friday we re-checked the mooring lines.   By midnight it was gusting.   As we have a multi display in the aft cabin, one particular gust woke me up and I saw 52 knots.   Yahooooo!        The morning after offered us “sand drifts”,  ocean spray over the breakwater and clear blue skies.