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Dinner is saved!

After celebrating Christmas on Grenada we lifted the anchor and sailed north.

Our goal was the small island Ronda between Grenada and Carriacou. Vincent wanted to go there as it is good fishing. We dropped the hook in crystal clear water on 6 m depth.

At the same time we heard Vincente on the VHF. “Fish on board” It was a big Wahoo that filled the freezers on Pasion Ibiza and Bella Luna.

Catch of the day Wahoo

Merry Christmas from Grenada

In Trinidad we met Bea and Vincente on Pasion Ibiza. We left Trinidad together for the sail over to Grenada. When we arrived Grenada the Christmas winds arrived, which made the sail north more uncomfortable. Vincente invited us for Christmas dinner. For us it was an easy choice. Meeting new friends from different parts of the world is the essence of cruising.

Bea is originally from Germany, Vincente is from Ibiza in Spain.
So here we where four people from four different countries. And what a fun Christmas evening we had!

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

On December 14th our friend Billy joined us on Bella Luna.    He left the cold dark winter in the middle of Sweden to sail in the Caribbean for the first time.  Billy owns his own sailboat so is very familiar with sailing.   
 We started in Grenada then to Carriacou Island, Union Island, Tobago Cays, Mayreau Island and Bequia Island where we spent 11 days for Christmas and New Year.    
Bequia was full of Scandinavian boats, especially Swedish.     On Christmas Eve we joined 65 other Swedes, 6 Canadians, 2 Dutch, 1 Greek and myself for the typical Swedish Christmas Buffet.    
From Bequia we sailed to St. Vincent to find a very charming bay, very traditional and after anchoring, the local friendly boat boys assisted in tying long stern lines to shore.   
On most all the islands we took some hikes or tours.    Billy is a very accomplished photographer so he came prepared with his special cameras and drone.      We share some of the many photos he has taken.    

Billy the photographer
Market in St. Georges Grenada
Market in St. Georges
St. Georges Grenada
St. Georges Port Louise Marina
Tyrrel Bay
Mangroves Tyrrel Bay
Windward boat yard on Carriaco
Sundowners with Lynne & Chris
Kite surfing Union Island
Kite surfing Union Island
Happy Island Union Island
Sundowner at Happy Island
Owner and developer of Happy Island
Tobago Keys
Lobster at Tobago Keys
Home in Chatham Bay
Saline Bay
Saline Bay Mayreau
Saline Bay
Salt Whistle Bay
Bella Luna in Bequia
Classic Yacht in Bequia
Cruise ships Bequia
Bella Luna in Cumberland Bay
Sunset in Cumberland Bay St. Vincent
Bella Luna in Cumberland Bay