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Our friends Karl and Bekki from Florida planned their sailing trip with us months ago but due to the Boeing grounding, their flight to Antigua was cancelled the evening before departure.    

  They were able to rebook a flight a few days later but into Guadeloupe and out of Martinique.     So we headed south and arrived to meet them in Pointe a Pitre, the main town of Guadeloupe.     As we approached we were escorted by dolphins!  

Next morning Karl rented a car, we stopped at the bakery to buy wonderful French sandwiches and we took a tour to Basse Terre, the mountainous region where we hiked to a waterfall, had a picnic lunch, fed mongoose our crumbs and enjoyed the beautiful settings.    Karl is a photographer so arrived well equipped.   

  In the evening we ventured some many miles for a meal at a French restaurant that was in a  rural setting.  Thank you goggle maps for finding it for us.   It was extremely special, memorable and excellent food.  Thank you Karl and Bekki!

With favourable winds we sailed to Marie-Galante, named after one of Columbus’s boats.  The island is very unspoiled, quiet and beautiful.   Best to tour the island via car or scooter.   With very little traffic, scooters can certainly be considered.   This island is wonderful for hiking.    The island once had 600 sail driven windmills for grinding sugar cane.     Today approximately 70 windmills remain in need of repairs, plus the newer generation windmills which produce energy for the island.

We anchored off the village of Saint Louis and enjoyed walking around and talking with people.   A few speak english and we found a young man who lived in London for several years but wanted to return to his homeland.   Very friendly people here.   Unfortunately we were under a strict time frame so we had to depart sooner than we wanted.    

We told Karl and Bekki we must stop at Portsmouth, Dominica for the evening beach BBQ.     Once again, as we wrote earlier, it was so much fun.   With a few rum punches and good music, everyone dances.    We took a tour of the island and enjoyed more waterfalls.  

We  learned how much China is providing aid and help to this island from the past hurricane.   
The final passage with Karl and Bekki was to Martinique, Fort de France, where they returned back to Florida.  Although it was a short stay, we stayed very busy and had a wonderful time!


When we arrived to St. Anne, we saw many Swedish flagged boats. Tobbe & Eva on Moana contacted us with information on where to find a good spot.

Many boats on anchor in St.Anne
Hiking in St. Anne
Fast sailing in St.Anne

After some days we sailed to Fort De France to met our Swedish Friends Ove and Greta when they arrived and were kind to bring us some spare parts from Sweden. They borrowed Bosse’s HR 45, Mayflower. The very same boat that they took around the world. Today they sail a HR 46 that is for sale.

Ove & Greta on Mayflower II

We stopped on the west coast for lunch in a small bay and snorkelled to find a turtle sitting on our anchor enjoying his lunch from the grass around our anchor. We also did see the green flash.

Green flash in Grand Anse

When our friends on HR 46 Beaucastel sailed in to St.Anne after Atlantic crossing we decided to go back to Le Marin to celebrate a succesful Crossing.

Some days later Iris and Öyvind arrived to Fort De France from Sweden to sail with us for 2 weeks. As I struggled with pronouncing his Norweigan name correctly, I settled for Vinnie. We visited several anchorages and swam with turtles on the west coast.

Iris & Öyvind

Our final stop was Saint Pierre that lies at the foot of Mt. Peleé. In 1902 the volcano had a major eruption on the side facing St. Pierre, which glowed red and burst open flowing down over the city. Smoking ruins were all that remained and an estimated 29,900 people were buried alive.
We saw several remaining ruins from that horrific episode. We enjoyed visiting the Saturday market with all the fruits and vegetables. The fish market was busy with some very large fish caught early that morning.

The volcano in St.Pierre
Blue Marlin brought in to the fish market
Market in St.Pierre
Leif and Anna-Karin were already anchored in St.Pierre