Maxsea on your IPAD

If you want to “run” the Maxsea Time Zero on your IPAD you should download the Splashtop HD App to your IPAD.

Then install the Splashtop software on the computer that run Maxsea. Make sure that both units are connected to same WIFI router.

Voila now you can use your IPAD as a remote screen for Maxsea. You can also zoom in/out from the IPAD.

3 thoughts on “Maxsea on your IPAD

  1. Czermin

    Hallo Bella Luna,
    i searched for “iPad + MaxSea” and found your Website .
    Our boat is in the marina of Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia.
    After an operation in Germany I bought the new iPad to
    read books on our trip. Please can you help me how to
    get a free navigational software on the pad?
    We want a software which works alone without connection
    to an other PC.

    Many thanks in front.
    SY Thalassa

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Thalassa, Sorry but I do not know any free navigational software for your IPAD. I guess you have the 3G or 4G modell? That is the only IPAD that have the GPS chip. If you run a navigational software it is very easy to mirror what you have on the PC to the IPAD with the app splashtop. But you are not running the software on the IPAD. With Splashtop your IPAD becomes a remote screen to your PC.


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