Getting organized

As the boat is leaving Sweden for an unknown time, we are busy organizing for a longer cruise.

One of the things that keep us busy at the moment is to create a database for all the parts that we will keep onboard.  Our boat has a lot of storage. The challenge is to remember where you store everything. Sometimes we end up buying a part that we already have, just because we forgot that we already have onboard.

We have entered our inventory in a Bento database. Bento is very easy to configure to your needs. It can also sync to two other devices except for the computer. In our case we sync it to the Ipad and the Iphone.

Ipad is more or less always on, and ready for use when we are onboard.   That means it is easy to update the database when we take something out of the inventory. Having the inventory on the Iphone is a big advantage when we are standing in the chandlery. Now we can check item numbers etc. and buy the right thing.


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