High Tide in Baiona

Two car owners was caught in todays high tide in Baiona. Local police was towing the cars away. But as you can see the water was inside the interior of the car. One local said this happens every day. No warnings signs for High Tide at the parking lot !

2 thoughts on “High Tide in Baiona

  1. avi

    any fish in there??? …. 🙂
    I guess the moral is to not get the police upset at low tide.
    Wonder what the rental company will say, because surely
    it was some tourist for the first one, and then a really stupid
    one that followed the first!…you know that type. Sometimes
    on a sailboat in unknown waters they follow some local guy
    who draws nothing………..

    careful coming down the Portuguese coast….between some wooden
    fishing boats not showing up on radar and “Philippine monkey”
    on the radio you might want to pull some hair out 🙂
    have fun


  2. Roland Post author

    Thanks Avi, I´m sure it was a tourist. Perhaps time to start to include Reeds Almanac at the car rental place! I´m sure tides are not in most people minds when the park the car.


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