Laying up on the hard for the “winter”

When working I often got the question,  “What do you think about storing the boat in the water over the winter”.  This question was asked by, Scandinavians that were thinking about storing the boat in the water in freezing temperatures.

My answer was always “No problem if you are going to use the boat. But if that is not the case I recommend to store it on the hard.”

I think that answer is also valid for boats in warmer climates.

A cover or even better storing the boat inside stops the UV-radiation and the aging process.

Boats in Scandinavia are normally stored on the hard between 6-9 month/year.

If the boat is under a cover or in a shed 6 month of the year the aging process of the surfaces will slow down to drastically.

We have got quite a lot of credit from other cruisers for how good Bella Luna looks. Many think she is only 3-4 years. One of the explanations is that Bella Luna has been under cover for about 5 years out of the 10 years.

1 thought on “Laying up on the hard for the “winter”

  1. Jerry DiBona

    Regarding your note on storing on the hard. KAPRIFOL, HR 34 #165 (1995) has been in Maine, in the water from May to October and on land under heavy cover from November to April since 1996. It is apparent that the aging process has been minimized as new visitors, including some who want to buy her, think she is only 4-5 years old. Another factor is that while on the hard, she is completely empty – all lockers, all seat and bunk cushions, carpets, curtains….everything is stored in our home. Makes an enormous difference.


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