Selling or buying a boat?

You have probably heard the old joke about the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life.

The day when you buy and the day when you sell.

Buying is easier, as you are in control over your own decision.  Selling is more difficult as you have to convince someone ells.

Internet is a wonderful tool for marketing. For a very little cost you can create your own web page that markets the boat.

Have a look at this web page for the HR 54, Second Wind that is for sale. In order to present the boat it needs to be cleaned out. Pictures needs to be high quality. No personal belongings in the pictures.

The owners made the web page themselves.  It is one of the best examples I have seen how you can display your boat. I specially like the PDF file with all the data about the boat.

But you also need help from a broker to market the web page.  They have access to popular search engines like Yacht World

I would consider Yacht World to be the most important search engine if you are in the market for a boat.


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