Mayflower II

Roland and I gladly accepted a gracious invitation from Ove and Greta to come to Porto Mogan on Gran Canaria for the departure party for their 10th Atlantic crossing.    The evening was enjoyed by 38 friends and fellow sailors!

20 years ago they sailed to the Bahamas with approximately 146 other boats.  Many of the boats took with them palm trees to be planted on San Salvador island in the Bahamas.

Today at 2PM, aboard their Hallberg-Rassy 46, “Mayflower II”, to the sight and sound of many horns and people waving, they departed from the marina for their 20-21 day crossing.   Ove and Greta are returning to San Salvador to see the palm trees with the hope that many of them have survived the storms of the past 20 years.

In March they will sail to Cuba where Ove will celebrate his birthday in Hemingway Marina.   Many friends will join in the celebration either by boat or plane.

It has been a fun week meeting fellow sailors and friends and listening to all the past adventures and future plans.


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