Maxsea update

Time to update your Maxsea TimeZero Explorer software.

The new 2.0 update is available. As this is considered a major update you have to pay for the update if you are running a version under 2.0. The last version before this update was 1.9.8.

This version is compatible with Windows 8

There are also updates available  for Navionics, Jeppesen and Mapmedia Raster charts.



Maxsea update — 2 Comments

  1. Roland, I’ve read all your blogs and find quite useful. We will bring our 43, Pouchy, from Orust to Holland this summer, still constrained by work schedule but at least heading toward home.
    Good luck to you and Vicki as you continue on.
    Steve Ricci

  2. Hi Steve,
    Have a nice time sailing south. There are many nice places between Ellös and Holland!!
    We will soon go down and start our trip south.

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