2013 Cruising season starts

Yesterday Bella hit the water again after 6 month on the hard at Tagus Yacht Center in Seixal.

We motored to Marina Cascais were we will stay for some days to get all the systems going before we continue south.

Tomorrow is a Portuguese National Holiday. They celebrate the Portuguese revolution that took place April 25, 1974.



3 thoughts on “2013 Cruising season starts

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Chico!
      Nice to hear from you. Hope you have nice sailing in Patagonia.
      But I bet the weather is warmer i Portugal!

      Best/Roland & Vickie

  1. Narciso Varas Rojas

    Hello Roland & Vickie
    yes, you’re right, here we are waiting for Nicolas, hopefully next season we can go to antarctica, I will follow you on your journey
    best regards


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