Alvor to Faro

Weather has been a  bit chilly the last week with constant strong winds.    We have stopped all the Marinas between Lagos and Faro.; Portimaou, Albufeira and Vilamoura.

Portimaou is a nice marina but it is a fair distance to any major food shopping, however a short walk to the very touristic  area along the beach front.  The Marina in Albufeira offers very good protection and has become quite popular for those staying over the winter.   The development around the marina is like a ghost town.  Many shops are closed, and unfinished building sites.    We did not walk into the main city.     Vilamoura  Marina was surrounded by dozens and dozens of restaurants and shops.     You could understand that this would be  a “hot spot” for activity in the high season of July and August.


After the rain had passed we arrived at our favorite spot, the island of Ihla de Culetra,.  There is a small little fishing village just east of the entry to the Ria Formosa Lagoon.

There are a lot of sand banks in the Lagoon that become visible at low tide. In-between there are channels with enough depth  to make the lagoon navigable.

You find a number of small restaurants in the village of Culetra. Fresh fish guaranteed!!  Even a very small bakery.


Culatra village

In the anchorage there are a number of boats on anchor or buoys that are waiting for their owners to return for the season.    There is one boat on the beach as shown that offers speculation on how it got there?

Sunken boat

The anchorage is open for West winds and there is a 50-60 cm chop when the afternoon breeze blows with 30 knots.

The island has fantastic sandy beaches.  We walked along the  south beach to the village Farol at the lighthouse. After lunch we took the northern beach which offered unexpected adventures due to a lagoon.





As it was time for Jimmy, Jenny and Vilhelm to return to cold and rainy Sweden, we took the channel  to Faro where the airport is located.   We anchored to the side in the channel as close as we could to shorten the dingy ride into Faro’s small boat harbor.      Faro is a lovely town, famous for all the storks and their nests  and a walk through old town (Cidade Velha) should not be missed.

Faro Channel


3 thoughts on “Alvor to Faro

  1. Mr. Vaslav MARKEVITCH, MARCO VINCI RESEARCH, Climate, Mountain skying and ocean sailing specialist, brought up in England in the early Fifties.

    Bravo Vickie, Roland & Co ! I see you enjoy the region. There is a small white painted village high above a long closed bay 1/2 way between Tavira and Monte Gordo, but I cannot remember the name. It’s on top of a cliff with a steep drive up road or walk from a marshy sand beach. I’ve seen large fishing boats sail in there so there must be enough depth ? Up there is a small church on edge of cliff with fantastic view, + small old fashioned restaurant with fish and some of the best wines and welcome of the whole coast. Nobody except local fishermen come in from the sea, the rest ar e just a few villagers from inland. The nearest other village with a small port is Concepçao with plenty shops.

    Monte Gordo has the widest beach and a very good set of restaurants end the best Chinese on the coast ! The next best is in Tenerife !

    Last lovely Portuguese port to visit is entrance of Guadiana River, to port on way in : Vila Real de San Antonio : It has the best port facilities of all Algarve, calm waters on Guadiana just opposite Ayamonte in Spain, where I lived and painted for a time in 2004-5. It also has an excellent waterfront hotel where I used to put up friends. Vila Real is a “must”. It was built in 6 months out of nothing, in early 1740 period, by an eccentric admirer of French Versailles, after a bad earthquake further inland. A small jewel city, it has beautiful architecture and cobbled square. Cheap cabs and bikes can take you around and are worth the visit. From Ayamonte I used to ferry almost every day. Have lots of good fun and tell your friends this free advice !

    Keep in touch, and all the best,
    Vaslav &

  2. Stefan

    I hope you also had the opportunity to explore the Parque Natural Costa Vicentina. Just amazing landscape and never as touristy as the places around Faro and Albufeira.

    Enjoy your trip.

    1. Roland

      Yes we did enjoy the PNCV. Thanks for the tip. We are just anchored at another lovely place in river Guadina. Alcoutim.


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