It was time to push on as the weather forecast was predicting the easterly winds in a couple days.     We left Cadiz at daybreak and it was beautiful to see the city in the morning light.     Roland decided today he would set up his fishing rod, after all we were in a area of several Tuna nets.          Our course was Tanger to transit prior to the official east west traffic lanes of the Gibraltar strait.    Just as we are negotiating the west bound traffic, Roland’s fishing rod starts singing.    Sure enough it is a FISH!
After 20 minutes of getting it on board we then needed to address the fishing net buoys and a Russian War Ship bearing down on us.   Then Tanger Radio seeing our AIS, contacted us on VHF to ask our destination.    It was a exciting hour in transit.
Tidal race outside Tangier
As we arrived on the south side we headed west and with the 23+ knots of wind and the tidal current with us we flew to Ceuta which is a Spanish Colony situated on the NE tip of Africa.    Once secure in Hercules Marina 11 hours after departing Cadiz, we stretched our legs and took our first walk on African soil.
Ceuta mote
Ceuta Vickie

5 thoughts on “CROSSING TO AFRICA

  1. Jerry DiBona and Ulla Kopp

    Looks like tuna steaks on the charcoal grill for the evening meal! Greatly enjoy reading your regular tour reports. Greetings from lobster land in Castine on Penobscot Bay, Maine. Lobster price about SEK 100/kg. KAPRIFOL (HR 34 #165 performing well in year #17!)

    1. Roland

      Hi Jerry,
      You bet it will be tuna steaks. It was enough for 3 dinners. I could trade against a lobster!
      Have a very nice sailing season, and we look forward seeing you in Gothenburg.

  2. Jan Place

    Roland, I want to see a picture of your Tuna! Maybe you had it for dinner and don’t have a picture! Both you and Vickie look great, and looks like life is agreeing with you! come visit us in Seattle at our new home. We would love to have you. Maybe next year I will feel comfortable enough ( with my illness) to go cruising with you guys, and hopefully, I can convince Scott to come along! He is such a homebody! Oh well…



    1. Roland

      Hi Jan,
      It would be great fun to have you and Scott on the boat. You have to convince him! I will come to Seattle in November and will help you to convince him.

  3. Roland

    I forgot about the Tuna. Click on the first picture in order to get a larger picture. Do not look at me! Focus on the Tuna I´m holding in my hands 🙂 It was enough for 3 dinners.


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