In my earlier post I mentioned how important it is to have updated charts onboard.

On Bella Luna we use Navionics, C-Map and Mapmedia charts. Same database can be used in the Furuno Navnet plotter and on two PCs with Maxsea Time Zero Explorer Software. Updates can only be made from the Maxsea web page.

We also use our IPAD with the Navionics APP as backup.

The update policy for Maxsea charts has never been easy to understand. Fortunately Maxsea have improved the system and made it easier to find your updates. Log in to your account at MyMaxsea.

Then click Store/Charts updates and you will find if there is an update available.

Price for a major update is 50% of the price you would pay for a new chart. Minor updates, between major updates are free.


Minor update is when the decimal changes, 3.1 to 3.2.

A major update is when it goes from 3.xx to 4.0. Same logic is used for updates of Maxsea software. Current version number for Maxsea Time Zero Explorer software is 2.04.

Major updates for charts are estimated to be released every 12 month.

In worse case scenario you buy updated charts that was released 11 month ago and have to pay another 50% one month later. It might be wise to check release date before clicking on the update button.

With a predicted update cycle of 12 month you will buy the chart new every 24 month.

With this pricing structure there is little incentive for updating all your charts. The advice must be to only update the charts you need in the near future.

In order to get updated charts on the IPAD you need to upgrade your APP to Navionics+. This is an In-APP purchase. Go to “Upgrades & Apps” The Navionics+ upgrade gives you the opportunity to update your charts to the latest version. This option is quite inexpensive compared to Maxsea pricing structure. For 40 Euro get updates for one year.


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