The season officially started today at 09:00 AM when Bella went in the water as scheduled.

As always there are some projects that we will take care off, before we are ready for leaving Malta.

Bella ready to be launched.

Bella ready to be launched.

14 thoughts on “SAILING SEASON 2014

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Leif,

      You have a sharp eye!!

      All credit should go to the people at Manoel Island Yacht Yard who did an excellent job!

      Have a nice sailing season! Are you heading south this year?


  1. Lennart Norgren

    It is always a special feeling when the new season start. Good luck and fair winds and have a good start of the season. Should you pass buy in Barcelona we love to see you guys.
    Claudia, Lenny and Juan Luis

    1. Roland Post author


      It is a nice feeling. One day we will visit you in Barcelona.

      Have a nice summer on your boat.

      Roland & Vickie


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