There are many adjustments to cruising for long periods of time.  We all have experienced our 2 week holiday attitudes where “anything goes” in the way of food, drink, being relaxed and lounging more than usual.  I remind myself that cruising is not a holiday but a lifestyle, therefore continued fitness is important.

Walking or bicycling is a large part of cruising for exploring and shopping.  Being at anchor in a lovely bay is also a big part of cruising so I have on board a few “easy to stow” aids for a workout on deck: A set of plastic covered dumbbells, WOSS strengthening straps, ankle weight and a mat. A 30 minute routine can achieve good healthy results.


I recently purchased the WOSS strengthening straps and those alone can provide a good, efficient workout.  I have seen others doing YOGA on deck. Stretching is also important to avoid injury.  Boat chores and sailing can introduce strange positions and contortions for the body.  To counter all the sitting, consider a long period of standing at the helm while sailing.  Last but not least is swimming!


The bonus is the beautiful scenery and fresh air for your workout versus the indoor gym!

15 thoughts on “CRUISING FITNESS

  1. Iris

    Very good!

    Thank you for intruducing me to these sailing activiteis when I have been crusing with you. I kept my weight even if we had lots of nice meals. Most of the ,meals were very healthy of course

  2. Eric

    Please can you post a few pics of Roland doing yoga and using the straps…….. :-). P.s. All of the twisting, stretching and reaching on my boat involves trying to get another can of beer out of the bottom of the chest fridge….. E.

    1. Roland

      Show some mercy Eric!! Those spam, adult filter would most probably block the blog anyhow if she did that. Have a nice summer with your head in the cooler :-))))

  3. Tracy

    Wow, you look great! I have to say I’m with Eric, however my stretching routine involves digging down into the bilge for another bottle of Mount Gay Extra Old ;=)

  4. Leon Schulz

    Oh my dear! Is that what you are supposed to do? Sailing in Scotland my workout consists of the walk to the local pub. Maybe I should re-consider. Or sail south?

    1. Vickie Post author

      Hi Leon: Well if you sail south you will get more exercise because with the heat it will mean more trips to the pub.

  5. Paolo Casoni

    Dear Ro and Vickie, as surgeon and sailor I totally agree. Boat can be transformed in a fitness center! I’m working on a book about the topic!

  6. Claudia Caro Vargas

    Dear Vickie, this is one of my concerns about sailing life, be sure I will find the straps and a good work out will be started on deck soon. Thanks for this fresh post 😉 Love from Lennart and me to you guys!

    1. Vickie Post author

      Hi Claudia: Nice to hear from you. We wish you and Lennart a good sailing season and WARM weather in Sweden. I ordered the straps through and the other items I purchased in Göteborg. Hope to see you sometime, somewhere in the future! All the best, Vickie


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