Everyone that has had to dismantle the heat exchanger to find parts of a broken impeller will appreciate the SPEEDSEAL LIFE.  It is an ingenious product that solves three possible problems with the water pump on a marine engine.

Running dry

All it takes is a plastic bag in the water intake.  Seconds later the impeller over heats and break apart.  As a result you might have to dismantle the heat exchanger and try to clean it from broken impeller parts.

With SPEEDSEAL LIFE  you can run the water pump dry for much longer than it takes to get a high temp. warning from the engine, whiteout damaging the impeller.  The Yanmar importer in U.K. ,  EP Barrus did a test 4 Years Experience Test with the SPEEDSEAL LIFE.

After  running the impeller without water for 10 times x 10 minutes (100 minutes!) the impeller did not show any signs of damage.  In real life you get a high temp. warning from the engine  and can clear the intake and continue without having to open the water pump or the heat exchanger.

Cover plate with discs

SPEED SEAL LIFE Cover plate with the 2 discs

Cover plate with teflon disc in place

SPEEDSEAL LIFE Cover plate with teflon disc in place

Fully assembled Speedseal Life

Fully assembled SPEEDSEAL LIFE  ready for action

Wear on the cover plate

Take a look at the inside of the original cover plate next time you change the impeller.  I´m sure you will find scars/wear from the impeller.  How much depends on engine hours and water quality.  When the scars are deep enough, your pump will not pump enough with water.  With SPEEDSEAL LIFE  you can change the bearing disc (wear plate) in seconds.

Damaged cover plate

Damaged cover plate (250 engine hours)


The SPEEDSEAL LIFE comes with four screw knobs that replace the standard screws that hold the cover plate to the pump house.  Normally the water pump is in a awkward position which makes it difficult to use a screwdriver.  With the knobs no tools are necessary.

If there was a “product of the year award”  in the marine business, it would get my vote.  Highly recommended, both for the engine and generator.

Speedseal life with knobs


The SPEEDSEAL LIFE comes in a kit that even includes a tool for removing the impeller.  When ordering I suggest that you include some spare bearing discs.

Do not forget the generator.  The risk for sucking up plastic bags etc. is much higher if you are not moving.

11 thoughts on “SPEEDSEAL LIFE

  1. Sten

    Hi Roland. Many thanks for sharing this smart idea / part. I get the impression you have your own experience with this cover plate —> Question1: Will this cover plate really seal properly to the pump housing without any traditional gasket ? Question2: Any experience on the lifecycle / replacement hours ? Rgds Sten (S/Y This Is It @ Malta)

    1. Roland Post author

      No problem whit leaks. The Yanmar pump has an O-Ring instead of a paper gasket. I also think Speedseal always deliver a cover plate complete with O-Ring, for kits to engines that have a paper gasket as standard.

    1. Roland Post author

      You are right and your husband wrong:-) If you get a plastic bag in the water intake the result will be the same with or without filter, No water to the impeller. If you have a exhaust alarm you get an alarm earlier, and the impeller might make it. If you only have the standard temp.alarm on the engine there is a big risk that the impeller will be damaged. In worse case you have to dismantle the heat exchanger to find the pieces. If you have the Speedseal Life the impeller will not be damaged by running dry.


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