After a 3-week vacation in Sweden, we are back on the boat in Messolonghi Marina. The Marina is very protected, as it is located in a delta with canal access.  It is a 10-15 minute walk into town, where you find all the provisioning you need.

Bella Luna in Messolonghi Marina

Bella Luna in Messolonghi Marina

We had an interesting trip from Athens airport to the Marina. When we left the boat we took the bus to Athens. It was a comfortable 3-hour trip.  Getting back, I arranged with the marina to have a taxi waiting for us at the airport, as we had three heavy bags.  It was an additional 50€ compared to the bus alternative.

Jim who was the taxi driver was waiting for us at the airport in his Skoda. We filled the trunk with our luggage.  Then he said we had to go to Glyfada and pick up 2 more passengers.  Vickie and I looked at each other, and understood this will be a hellish ride. I did expect a shared taxi, but not a car made for 3-4 people.

Five people in a Skoda for 3.5 hours with a dysfunctional AC,  in 35 degree C is not fun. Our Greek companions crossed themselves before entering the car.  We instead put on our seat belts.

Jim thought he was qualifying for a Formula One race, and was steering the Skoda with one hand in 160 km/hour and talking hands free on his phone most of the time. If he got a chance he snuck up behind every car he had in front of him.  10 m distance at that speed is not fun.

Relaxed driving in 150 km/h.

Relaxed driving in 150 km/h.

It was a big relief when we got to the marina after 3.5 hours!

Bella looked good when we got back and we got everything working within hours. Only the Isotherm fridge gave me some headache, as it did not want to start as normal. Compressor was running for 5 minutes and then would shut off.  This continued for 4-5 hours.

I goggled the problem, and did find this excellent web page for Isotherm. I  followed their advice and the next morning the fridge was working perfect.

This problem is caused by oil collecting in the SP unit (SP cooling unit is the keel cooler that is integrated in one of the seacocks)  Apparently it can happen that the oil thickens if not used for a long time in cold waters.  Well the water had not been cold but I decided to give it a try anyhow.

Isotherm SP "keel coolers"

Isotherm SP “keel coolers”

I put the thermostat in manual setting and turned the knob to the highest temperature.  By doing this the compressor is running on low speed. It started to cycle on/off as earlier but the difference was that the “on periods” were much longer.  Next morning, after 6-7 hours it was working as normal and I changed back to Auto mode.

Greece is still in the same crisis as when we left. Little has changed in the three weeks we were away.   The lines at the ATMs are shorter, but in general life is pretty much as before the crises started.  The only difference was that the butcher did not accept any credit cards as the banks are to slow to pay him money.  I do not blame him.

Soon we set off for the Ionian island before we cross over to Italy. We are looking forward to some nice Italian food.



  1. We will go to Leros and launch the boat after 2 months on the hard. I hope the fridge will work! ANDERS

    • Well if it does not work, you know how to fix it;-)

      A working fridge must be one of the most important equipment on the boat!

      I guess I do not have to go deeper in to that.



  2. ?…( at least you didnt leave any food in the fridge !!! ) Have a safe and fun time.. sounds like the taxi driver wanted to get out his anger on the Europeans that are doing better .. ?..


    • Hi Avi,

      Yes I know you learned the hard way how a dead body smelled in St. Lucia ;-)))))
      I also learned and emptied freeze and fridge before going back to Sweden.


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