FIRST SAIL 2016 — 10 Comments

  1. Yes it was beautiful here today. We just returned from Hawaii and I Think brought the weather home with us. Have fun!

    • When you have a sunny day in Pacific Northwest this area is hard to beat. I guess you are looking forward going north soon. Have a nice sail up tp paradise.

  2. I’m having a strong desire for sailing. I’m trying to cure it with skiing without signifikant success.
    We’ll launch our boat 5th May at Leros. No bottom painting this year as your commercial paint still seems to work.
    Good sailing
    Anders and Birgitta

    • Hi Anders,
      Well if the skiing is not working, I think you would do great at the after ski party! We miss Leros a little bit. Have a nice season.
      Roland & Vickie

  3. Good to receive your post. Thanks again for all the great markers on Active Captain in Sweden. Have enjoyed following your track. David

    • I do like Active Captain and did use it in Sweden and Norway. Unfortunatly I have not used as much after that as I find it to be to much hassle to start up the PC. Hopefully Active Captain will make it possible to enter information via the Active Captain APP that I use on the IPAD.
      Have a nice summer.


      • Thanks for writing back Roland. Best to Vickie – I enjoyed working with her several years ago before you left to go sailing. Dave, SF Bay and Annapolis. HR36 previous and just finishing a new build 40MKII. See you out there!

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