In October we left Bella in Marina Rubicon and went home to Sweden.  November I flew down to Lanzarote as I had some work to do on the boat.  In the luggage I had a new linear drive replacing the one that failed on our way to Madeira.

I also wanted to have a new metal bracket welded for the new drive.  As I had no luck with the yard in Rubicon, I took the car to Puerto Calero.  The reception asked me to go up to the workshop and have a word with the guys. I was exited, as they let me in to the workshop!!??  I had built a model in plywood to make the job easy.  I also wanted a new rudder stopper as the old one was rusty. 5 days later everything was done perfectly to a reasonable price.  Very professional workshop to work with.

Off to the workshop in Puerto Calero

When I waited for the parts, I did a major overhaul of the steering system.  I did not expect to find something serious, as I do a check before longer trips.  To my surprise I did find many things that needed to be corrected.  It was really an eye opener that a superficial check the day before you take off is not the best way.  You are much more focused on details when you have unlimited time.

New bracket for the autopilot

After 3 weeks in Rubicon I met Vickie in Southampton for a First Aid Course.  It was a 4 day course and we did learn a lot.

What do you learn from this experience?

We spent Christmas in Sweden with family.

Strange, He sounds like grandpa????

After Christmas we flew down to Lanzarote for some winter cruising.  We started from the airport in Gothenburg just hours after the storm “Urd” had caused a mess in Sweden.  It was a scary takeoff. We got a wind shear just at take of and the plane came down on the runway after the first try.  The pilot had only one option left, which was to build more speed on the runway to get airborne.  The long runway felt suddenly short..

In Lanzarote we had hard easterly winds from Sahara, “Kalima”.  Bella was dirty with Sahara dust.

Fortunately we had a rental car for the first week.  It is basically a tourist resort with express mercado, tourist shops and restaurants.  If you want to visit a Supermercado or a hardware store it is a long way.

We celebrated New Years at our favorite restaurant, El Mano.  90% of the guess were Spanish people.  We had a great evening and had our 12 grapes at twelve a clock. The restaurant owner was counting down.

El Mano in Marina Rubicon

After New Years we took the first possibility to move to Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife. It is a brand new marina with excellent service and just 10 minutes walk to downtown, ferreterias and supermercados. We felt at home immediately. Vickie did find a new gym in the marina with lots of “hard bodies”. She did visit the gym every day……and stayed busy and happy.

Restaurants in between Marina and downtown

Walking street Arrecife

After 8 days in Arrecife it is time to move to next island, Fuerteventura.

9 thoughts on “BYE, BYE LANZAROTE

  1. Jerry DiBona

    Greetings from Göteborg…..Fifty Shades of Gray

    I think the taped and bandaged disguise was almost as good as the Santa Claus suit! Glad you took the first aid course. Jeff and Karen Siegel (Founders of Active Captain, Castine, Maine) have made a career out of delivering these courses at the various marinas they visit to evaluate for their website.
    Boat inspection is a bit Biblical……”Seek and ye shall find!”…things you hadn’t expected but were glad to discover in harbor rather than well out at sea.

    Hope all is well,
    Jerry DiBona and Ulla Kopp

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      Good to hear from you.

      I do agree, “Seek and you shall find” is a good way of describing it.

      I guess you are looking forward to the spring and the sailing in Maine.

  2. Kim and Marie

    Hi Roland,

    We are Marie and Kim from a Danish/Swedish HR 48, North Star and we are following your blog- thanks for sharing. We are using Max Sea as you I think and i wonder what charts do you use? I have just asked for a price for the full set, around the world and I thought it was a lot of money?

    1. Roland Post author

      We use Maxsea less and less. It is not very often I use the Maxsea on the PC. Earlier I did it as I used the weather routing software.

      Today I use predict wind instead.

      But as we have the Furuno Navnet3D plotter we use Maxsea every day. Have lot of old charts from Navionics. The newer charts are Jeppesen (C-Map) and raster charts. Here in the Canaries I have only been using the raster charts on the plotter.

      In addition we use the Navionics APP on the IPAD. Updated charts for a fraction of the price of Maxsea. We have two IPADS on board. One is a IPAD PRO. Larger screen than the Navnet 3D plotter!!

      In practice we do not update the Maxsea that much. To expensive and complicated. But the old charts are good enough for the “daily navigation” on the plotter. When we get closer to land and navigation get more critical I always double check against the Navionics on the IPAD.

      We do like the community layer on the Navionics. You have reviews of Marinas, tel.numbers, VHF channels etc. it is almost like having a pilot book.

      In combination with an internet connection you can make an overlay with google maps in the Navionics APP. That is a great feature and cost no more.. Have used it to find sandy patches in anchorages when we are coming in after sunset. I did discover yesterday that the google map layer is saved in the memory. Means if you have looked at the destination on google map before leaving it will be possible to pull up the google map layer when you arrives to the destination even if you do not have an active internet connection.

      How long it is saved in the memory I do not know?

      By the way Maxsea have also an APP for IPAD. It is very nice and work superfast.

      It is only made for raster charts. It has no community layer.

      They expect you to buy the same charts even if you have a license for PC and your plotter! I guess they are not so succesfull with that APP! Upgrades are not included in the price.

      In short I think Maxsea have to look over their business model.

      1. Kim and Marie

        Thanks very much for your thorough answer, much appreciated. We have raymarine with navionics maps and navionics on an ipad pro – and i do agree with you, it is really great. I also have version 4.4 of open cpn which is free and i have a ww cm93 set of maps, but from 2011. max sea is although great for routing and i would like to have to independent and difference set of maps onboard, especially when we get into the pacific ocean!

        On another note are you crossing the atlantic later this year – we arrive for the crossing in early october. Would be great to meet.

        Safe journey

  3. Hansruedi Fanti

    Hi Roland,
    For yoiur comfort, I think it would be a good idea to take the binding away before you start the assembling of the new steering…
    All the best for you and Vicky and always fair Winds.
    SY BALENA (in Mexico, heading for Panama Canal)

  4. Roland Post author

    It is good practice to do the repair with both hands in bandages. After that everything is easy!!
    Have a good passage in the Panama Canal !

    1. Roland Post author

      Hi Vodka fish!
      I guess that name come from our trip in the ARC on Sophia Rose when you tried to kill the fish by poring half a bottle Vodka in to the mouth of the poor fish. Well, at least he was happy when I killed him the swedish way by cutting his head off. That trick har worked for generations here in Scandinavia. Why waste Vodka!


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