GRENADA “The Spice Island”

This lush and fertile island is home to approximately 102,000 Grenadians.  Columbus discovered the island on his third trip in 1498 and baptized it Concepcion.    Later the Spanish sailors gave the island the name it has today.

one of many beautiful waterfalls on the island

Jumping off the cliff in to the pool.

    The French arrived in 1650 and bargained for the island with trinkets and alcohol.  Later the Caribs knew they had been cheated and fought back.  The French hung on and by 1651 surrounded the Caribs to a high cliff on the north coast.    The Caribs chose to jump instead of surrender.

The last Caribbean native indians jumped over the hill to escape the French.


The island is beautiful and the soil is fertile for agriculture. There are several daily markets in which to buy local produce, locally raised organic chickens and pork. The supermarkets also have local items along with imported goods.   After the devastating hurricane “Ivan” in 2004, they started producing dark Chocolate.

Walking around in chocolate beans all day long.

Chocolate fruit

Vickie enjoying chocolate in St. Georges.

There are several buses (mini vans holding about 12-15 people running all through the day. You can wave to them along the street and they will stop for you anywhere, plus the designated bus stops. Along with the driver, each van has a spotter so he can look for people on side streets who may need a ride. Very inexpensive (2.50 ECD) good service and fun to ride  them with the music playing.

Local bus transport

For us, what makes this island very special is the people. Extremely friendly and helpful which one does not always find in a touristy area. Money fell out of Roland pocket twice and both times a person saw it happen and ran after him to give it back. One woman looked for him 20 minutes in the grocery store to return his wallet. As can be the case with other caribbean islands, we have never felt unease or nervous here. It is understandable why so many cruisers return to Grenada again and again.

Roland & Joseph who did find my 100 USD bill.

There is a good cruiser net on VHF 66 every morning full of information on events, special market buses from different anchoring coves, boat repairs, etc. People announce their arrival or departure; a fun news source to listen to in the morning while preparing breakfast and a nice contrast instead of  world news.   We spent most time in Prickly Bay and they have daily events and good wi-fi in the restaurant/bar.

Grenada also produces rum and is the second largest exporter of Nutmeg.

Rum distillery. If not 75 % alcohol it is considered a failure.

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  1. Vaslav MARKEVITCH

    Hello Vickie and Roland, calling you from Tuscany and best wishes to you both for a very successful Happy cruising New Year 2018. Looks like Grenada should really remain a secret destination, not to be reached by plane, but only by sea. Hope it isn’t on any mega cruise ship lists?? Must be hard to leave once you are there. Best rum Skol !
    Vaslav &


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