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Today we got an invitation to sail on Jan & Scotts new boat in Pacific Northwest.

Mount Rainer was covered in snow and sunshine.  We had a very light breeze and had a fantastic day on the water.





Hans & Iris when Bella Luna was visiting Gotland 2008.

Hans & Iris when Bella Luna was visiting Gotland 2008

Hans Törnskog has been a faithful friend and repeat crew on Bella Luna.  It feels empty now that Hans has passed.

He was a early riser, opposite to me, and when I woke up I would smell fresh brewed coffee and upon entering the salon was always greeted with “Good Morning Captain”.  Together we have sailed to many fine places in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Shetlands, Germany, Polen, Lithuania, Spain, Malta, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The last 5 years Hans has battled cancer.  In the beginning we all believed that he would beat and overcome, but as time passed we understood how tough his fight was.  However this did not stop Hans.  His positive attitude and determination lead him to continue with all his interests.  In addition to sailing; hunting, fishing, and picking Lingonberries.  He also fulfilled his dream of a African Hunting Safari this year.

Now has the storm abated.  Hans has peace and sails calmly to bigger oceans.

Captain, Vickie, Iris and friends wish you Bon Voyage and fair winds.