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ARC Start 2012, Sunday

Today was the start for the racing division. Also some of the boats in the cruising division decided to start. One was an HR 42, Marisol from Finland.

Wind was light in the start. The latest reports are wind gust up to 35 knots and rough seas. It will be a night to remember!



ARC 2012 Delayed due to strong head winds

The organisers of ARC decided on Saturday to delay the start for the Cruising division until Tuesday.

The reason is that strong headwind (+35 knots) is expected in the wind acceleration zone between Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

The racing division starts as normal today. The cruising division can choose to start today, or wait until Tuesday. Most boats are expected to wait until Tuesday.

I think this is a good decision from the ARC team. I see no point starting an Atlantic crossing in strong head winds, when you can sail downwind two days later.



39000 feet with Norwegian

Vickie and I are enroute to Gran Canaria with Norwegian Airlines. A low price air line with service and a friendly attitude. Quite refreshing! Free Internet is one example.

I did this flight one year ago when I was heading to Gran Canaria to participate in the ARC.

This year I’m not sailing in the ARC. Instead we are going to Puerto Mogan and wish our friends, Greta & Ove good sailing on their crossing to Cuba.

Greta & Ove have many crossings under their belt and have alot of experience. They circumnavigated in their HR 45, Mayflower before they upgraded to a Hallberg-Rassy 46 also named Mayflower.

They have already been cruising South America and South Africa in the HR 46. I think they have lost count of how many Atlantic crossings they have made.

Also on the plane, Bertil, who is the service manager from Hallberg-Rassy. He is going to Las Palmas for service to the Hallberg-Rassys that are participating in the ARC. A free service for all Hallberg-Rassy that are sailing in the ARC.