June 15, 2012

Our early morning journey started in Amsterdam at 00.30.   There were nine bridges, some of which had the same operator, so after opening and closing a bridge, the operator would ride his bicycle to the next bridge where we would be waiting.         We passed through the last night bridges and lock around 02.45, and arrived to the next bridge at 03.30.  As this bridge did not open until 05.00, we tied up along the canal that did not have proper places to moor to. For a spring line we removed our aft anchor from the holder, set it on land and used that as a mooring “cleat”.      04.45 the alarm reminded us it was time to keep moving and the bridge opened promptly at 05.00.    Within 30 minutes I could smell airline fuel, and then a large KLM building appeared.    The canal parallels Schiphol International Airport, so we watched the early morning flights departing to many destinations.   After a very long day of waiting for other bridges and passing through several locks, we arrived to Willemstad at 17.00.   The mast route offered some quaint villages and nice scenery, but for the most part it was industrial. 


Busy road crossing


In tidal water again !

Arriving in south Holland is very nice, and based on the number of boats and marinas is extremely popular.   We sailed from Willemstad to Bruinisse, where the Hallberg-Rassy dealer is located,  Nova Yachting International.     They have a new facility, which includes a indoor showroom for boats, in addition to the slips in front of the office.        The new marina and amenities are impressive.     Today we exited the canal and the last lock at 16.00 and said our goodbyes to Holland.   It was a wonderful experience!